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Remember this post? (No, of course not, but I do.)

In today's mail is a flyer with the stark, black-and-white headline "Why are city bureaucrats telling me what size beverage I can and can't buy?" Inside, in white print on a glossy black background, are things such as "According to the Mayor, New Yorkers need help deciding what size beverage is appropriate. If this now, what's next?" The reader is offered six different ways to join "New Yorkers for Beverage Choices" and stand up for personal freedom.

At the bottom, in tiny print, are the words "Paid for by the American Beverage Association, a member of New Yorkers for Beverage Choices."

Although they're not the ONLY members of that upstanding organization -- movie theatre owners have been signing up too, since 32-to-64-ounce drink containers are their main source of profits.
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Mishap the First: I decided to change money while we were waiting for our plane from JFK, and got a lousy exchange rate. I should have checked the rate and terms more carefully before handing over the dough. So that's 40 Euros or so down the tubes.

Mishap the Second: before we had even gotten halfway across the Atlantic, I broke a tooth. For the short run, I've been packing the gap with chewing gum to avoid tearing my tongue open on the jagged edge, but I fear that I'll have to spend some of our Dublin sightseeing time at the dentist. Yuck.

Mishap the Third: I had allowed an hour and a half between our plane arrival in Cork and our bus connection, to allow for late planes, customs, changing money, finding our way through an unfamiliar airport, buying bus tickets, etc. As it turned out, the plane was slightly early, customs took about 45 seconds, we had already changed money (see above), and the airport is fairly small and intimate, so we had an hour and a half to wait for the bus. No big deal.

Mishap the Fourth: I don't seem to have packed the cable that attaches our new phone to the computer. It should be possible to buy such a cable, though, so no big deal.

Actually, there haven't been a lot of mishaps so far; if those are the worst things that happen, it won't be a bad trip.

More narrative and photos )

But right now the sun is out, and we hope to get to some museums and other tourist attractions (e.g. the Book of Kells and the Book of Durrow) today. On with the day.


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