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Just heard a news story on the radio, as President Trump sent his condolences to the people of Paris about "another terrible terrorist attack" yesterday. The attack in question involved a guy with a gun going to a public place, killing one person and wounding three others. Terrible, yes, by European standards... but the same attack in the U.S. wouldn't even make national news, because it happens LITERALLY EVERY DAY here, because we have more guns than people, with almost no controls on who can have one or carry it in public places.

Date: 2017-04-22 10:53 am (UTC)
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true story - happens everyday.... though if I recall , didn't the shooter claim he was doing it for religious reasons or some other rot? So the media swamps it up.

I feel so sorry for the Muslims in this country right now .... I can't imagine how scary and horrifying it would be if a super small crazy sect of pagans were running around killing and maiming people compounding already existing prejudices and bigotry.
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