Mar. 17th, 2017

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He ran against politics and politicians. What's wrong with politicians? As anybody who's read a U.S. newspaper in the past 150 years knows, they promise the stars, and as soon as they're in office, they break all their campaign promises.

So he's not going to be like that: he's going to keep his campaign promises if it kills him us.

Problem is, most of his campaign promises weren't carefully thought out; they were just whatever got the most applause at rallies. Who knew he was going to win the election? Still, he's going to keep them, or find somebody else to blame when he can't.

He promised he would build a big, beautiful border wall, and make the Mexicans pay for it. There's been a delay in getting the Mexicans to pay for it, but at least he can keep the "build a wall" promise, and get around to making the Mexicans pay for it later. We'll spend at least 20 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars on a wall that won't keep anybody out, or make America safer, but it will demonstrate that Donald Trump keeps his promises. About the "making the Mexicans pay for it" part... he would totally do that if there weren't a bunch of politically-motivated international-law do-gooders who won't let him use his superb bullying negotiating skills.

He promised he would block all Moslems from entering the country "until our people can figure out what the hell is going on." He's tried twice so far, and he would totally do that if there weren't a bunch of politically-motivated Constitutional-do-gooder judges refusing to carry out his orders. For some reason the namby-pamby liberals have a problem with recognizing Moslems as the enemy. Weren't all of the 9/11 hijackers Moslem? Come on, people, use some common sense!

He promised he would institute "extreme vetting" for refugees. He didn't know exactly what was wrong with the existing system, but there would be time to figure that out later; at any rate, his was going to be much tougher and more extreme. He's tried twice so far, and again there are a bunch of politically-motivated Constitutional-do-gooder judges refusing to carry out his orders. And who knew he couldn't fire them for insubordination?

He promised he would scrap most of our existing deals with other countries and make much better ones. So far he's scrapped a couple of existing deals with other countries, and indicated his intention not to abide by others. About the "making much better ones" part, he would totally do that if there weren't a bunch of international-law do-gooders who want America to fail and won't let him use his superb bullying negotiating skills.

He promised he would repeal Obamacare and replace it with something much better and much cheaper. So far he's supporting the sort of wibbly-wobbly repealy-wheely stuff that Congress has come up with; he would totally come up with a much-better-and-much-cheaper replacement if there weren't a bunch of politically-motivated obstructionist Democrats in Congress who won't do what he says. And for some reason he can't fire them for insubordination either. And who knew health insurance was so complicated?

He promised he would "drain the swamp" of corrupt Washington insiders and bureaucrats. So far he's appointed non-Washington-insider people (indeed, people with no government experience at all) to run most of the government. As for getting rid of the rest of the Washington-insider bureaucrats, who knew the President can't just fire anybody he wishes? I mean, he's the President, isn't he?

He promised he would lock Hillary up. Who knew you can't do that without finding evidence that she committed a crime? What's the point of being the most powerful person on Earth if you can't lock people up?

He promised he would create lots of good American jobs in steel, coal, and heavy manufacturing. So far he's made a couple of phone calls, and several corporate CEO's have said they're going to create gazillions of U.S. jobs as a result. (OK, they actually announced those jobs before he was elected, and the last few times they said something similar, it fizzled.) But if the steel and coal companies don't have the gumption to hire hundreds of thousands of red-blooded American men the way they did fifty years ago, that's their problem; he can't do it himself.

He promised he would avoid conflicts of interest between his job as President and his job as boss of the Trump Organization. Of course, he could perfectly well run both at once, because he's a very smart guy, but just to keep people happy, he'll keep them separate. From his years running a corporation, he knows you're not supposed to trade on inside information, so he's removed himself from day-to-day operations of the Trump Organization to make sure he's not making company decisions based on secret President information. Problem solved; what other kind of "conflict of interest" could there possibly be?

He promised he would make America great again. How do you know a country is great? Because it wins all its wars. How do you win all your wars? By having a really big, powerful military. He's not quite sure what's wrong with the existing military, or what kinds of things the military needs to do, but his is going to be bigger and more powerful.


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