Feb. 4th, 2017

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So there were thousands of protesters for a Iannopoulos speech, all peaceful until about 150 masked protesters, dressed all in black, showed up and started setting things on fire, throwing Molotov cocktails, etc. The resulting TV images were exactly what Iannopoulos and his former boss at Breitbart wanted: intolerant, violent Leftists at the birthplace of the "Free Speech movement", suppressing free speech and turning an American city into the kind of war zone the President described in his inauguration speech. The President responded with a tweet threatening to cut off Berkeley's Federal funding, which coincidentally was what Iannopoulos's planned speech called for.

No arrests were made, despite lots of extra security called in for the event, so we have no idea who any of the masked, violent protesters actually were. A Trump supporter was pepper-sprayed on camera, and nobody was arrested.

I don't like to push wacky, paranoid conspiracy theories, but doesn't this look a little suspicious to you?

Mind you, I don't have any evidence that the guys in black were right-wing agents provocateurs, but neither is there any evidence that they were left-wing protesters. So we can't validly draw any conclusions about the behavior of either right-wingers or left-wingers, only that somebody behaved violently and didn't want to be identified.


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